Unboxing HTC Desire 610 AT&T Prepaid GoPhone LTE

By Gavin | July 30, 2019

I wanted to make it show you this HTC Desire 610, it's on the AT&T prepaid Network the go phone, I will personally be using it on straight talk, but I just wanted to show you what's in the box, this post is about an unboxing to show what's in the box here.


Have a new plan for forty-five dollars

Now the AT&T plan it does come here with, this is the old plan, but it's a $60 for unlimited talk and text and two-and-a-half gigs of data. But they do have a new plan for forty-five dollars, you get unlimited talk and text and one gig of data, so that's a pretty sweet deal.

It's not quite as sweet as straight talk with the COS, straight Hawk gives you three gigs of data, but I just wanted to show you that that option is available to use it on here on there as well. Let's go ahead and open this up, see what's in here.

Here's the phone and comes with this 18 T SIM card, if you want that as well we'll just go ahead and open up here see what else is down in here.

It looks like there's a charger here, let's go ahead and open that up, pretty neat-looking HTC charger looks like there's a cable there with it as well. A micro USB cable for the charging, and then, of course, we got booklets, we've got a smartphone Quick Start Guide, and I've got all this.other stuff that comes with it.

Some of the specs on it

Go ahead and get this stuff out of the way, and just wanted to show you the phone, and we'll go ahead and get it powered up. Now that we have it unboxed and powered up, I wanted to show you the phone a little bit.


Now to talk a little bit about some of the specs on it, it does have Android KitKat 4.4.2, it does have a 4.7-inch screen, it has an 8-megapixel camera on the rear and 1.3-megapixel camera on the front, and it does have the boom sound front speakers. It's got pretty good sound and the back is not removable, but it does have on the side.

Here you can add a memory card, so you can add up to 64 gigs of memory, it only comes with 8 gigs from the factory, but you can add up to 64 gigs, so that's a pretty sweet deal. Just wanted to show you a little bit if we go into settings, here shows the size, the memory size, those have 8 gigs.

I guess we could just go in this into settings here, and show you you can see about the phone that it does have Android 4.4.2. I could show you that, there you have it pretty sweet phone, just wanted to show you what it's about a little bit, and you're interested in where I got this phone.

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