How to Sign Up for AT&T GoPhone Service | mygophone

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

How to Sign Up for AT&T GoPhone Service | mygophone

This is about how to sign up for AT&T's go phone service and how to activate any smartphone or tablet with AT&T' s go phone service.

I'm going over how to sign up for AT&T's go phone service, this method will work for any phone or tablet, and I'll even cover how to transfer your number to AT&T.

The first step is to order an AT&T SIM kit forgo phone, which I'll have linked in this video description, I bought my kit for $4.99, but it is currently listed as just $0.99, you click continue twice and then enter your devices Mei to confirm, it is compatible with NGO phone afterwards, you enter your zip code and select which plan you want, I selected a t's $45 a month plan with unlimited talking text and four gigs of LTE data, the next screen gives you your order summary, you can see at the top of the screen there's an option to port your phone number to AT&T, I opted to get a new number, so I selected the free standard shipping option and proceeded to check out for the checkout process, you enter your contact information, your shipping address and your billing info, afterwards, you'll be given an option to select an area code for your new AT&T phone number, AT&T includes an option to transfer your phone number again on this page, so if you missed it the first time you still the chance to port your number over you, then get a final order summary page.

Once you agree to AT&T's Terms & Conditions, you can place your order, my sim kit arrived about a week after I placed my order, it came with the sim kit itself and an AT&T refill card to get me activated on the $45 a month plan, opening the flap on the sim kit reveals all of the info about AT&T's go phone plans, including the plans themselves, the auto pay discounts, and family discounts, and the available international calling packages, dumping out the contents of the sim kit reveals a lot of paperwork instructions and of course the three-in-one SIM card, the most important things are the QuickStart guides for both tablets and phones and the SIM card itself.

I'm activating a phone in this video, all I'm going to need are the SIM card, the phone activation instructions and the $45 refill card. Step one is to insert the SIM card. Step two is to select which plan you want, you do this by dialing a certain code from the phone app, the codes are listed in the instructions. In this case I want the 45 bill or a month plan, so I'm going to be dialing *123*, my zip code, and then *14#, after I completed this, I got a pop-up saying my request was processing and to turn my phone off for 10 minutes, and then a confirmation text would follow, but you can actually see the confirmation text above this pop-up, so I doubt this step is really necessary. Step three is to refill your account with the refill card, to do this you go to your phone dialer, dial *88*, the pin number of the refill card under the scratch surface, and then the pound key, after you complete this step, you should be set up and activated on go phone. Congratulations!

If you are poor during your phone number two AT&T, then you do want to call 611 and say more options at the main menu, then press 0 to speak with an AT&T representative about porting your phone number again. If you decided to get a new number like I did, then you should be completely set up and activated on AT&T's go phone service, you can dial your AT&T phone number to set up your voicemail, and you can also log in online to manage your account.

When you log in for the first time, you enter your 10-digit Wireless number and then use the last four digits as your login pin, ATT will send you a temporary pin to confirm, you own the phone and then you will be able to create your own four-digit password, once you have that done you will have successfully activated your online account, so that wraps up this video on how to activate any smartphone or tablet, with AT&T' s, go phone service to recap insert the sim card, select the plan you want and refill your account. If you found this video helpful please feel free to share it.