Family on the Go - AT&T GoPhone

By Gavin | July 30, 2019

I'll show you your new phone, we are so happy for this family with our ATT prepaid unlimited plan.

About that prepaid it makes it easy, exactly what your bill is every month absolutely. There are no questions, there's no annual contract, their bills going to be the same every single month. They're going to have unlimited data, unlimited talk, unlimited text, and there's also my AT&T app.


Control all of that through this calendar

The physique is a business owner, he has three small children, so he's going to be able to control all of that through this calendar. He's going to be able to set up when they have baseball games, he's going to be all set up.

We have business appointments and it's all going to be controlled through the apps, that there are different levels in all of the prepaid. You can choose based on the amount of data that you want to use, the most popular is unlimited obviously.

But one of the other things that you get to do with our might ETF is paid your bill and control your bill, so that also gives you the peace of mind of knowing what level do you need to be on.

In our case with the Crozier's we've got all new phones, but you don't have to have a new phone, you can bring your existing phone and your phone number, no matter who you're with or what device that you have, you can put it on our ATT unlimited prepaid plans and use your device as your brand-new phone.

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