AT&T GoPhone With iPhone $60 Plan

By Gavin | July 30, 2019

We're going to be talking about the iPhone 7, I'm not going to go for details in my particular review on this phone, I'm going to talk about how the iPhone 7 works on ATS prepaid service, and talked about the iPhone 5s a few years ago, talked about the iPhone 6, and now we're talking about the 7, just to give you a quick review.


A quick summary for the AT&T

I'm just going to give you a quick summary before we go into the more in-depth details, I took the sim card out of my old phone. I put it into my new phone without making any phone calls to 18t, without doing an additional activation, and the phone just worked. It was just that simple.

I did mine now, I did my purchase at Best Buy, and that's my rep took on my old sim card, he put it himself, he turned the phone on straight out the box, and within about 30 seconds I was getting a voicemail from my previous phone.

That's basically how seamless, the integration is from 6 or 5s whatever phone you have before with AT&T prepaid service. Once you have that I believe it's nano-SIM, they really small sim card that goes into the iPhone, once you have that sim card, you put it into the phone, they pretty much just start working now.

Mind you the phone that I got was the second lying added to another account, and it was supposed to have a traditional postpaid service on it, but what we did is we took out the postpaid service SIM card, we didn't even activate the phone using iTunes or any of the AT&T processes.

The speeds are good

We just popped out the card, put my card in, and I started working, visual voicemail works, so I can see who's called me, I can scrub through the calls. you know what that is, what I bet wiper, I primarily chose AT&T.

I'm going to wait for imma, leave that information for the end visual voicemail works, iMessage works, the speeds I get phenomenal I believe, I've been getting at least 20 megabits per second, that's download and about 10 megabits upload.


It's pretty good, but of course that depends on where you are, cuz AT&T has good coverage of having to have never had any drop calls like they have any only Pony phone call quality issues, but of course, some places you may get 4G service, other places you may get LTE. Most times I look down on my phone, I see LTE at the top.

It's not an issue of 18 TS spotty service

It's not an issue of 18 TS spotty service, they're pretty close to Verizon as far as I'm concerned and the service is good. Everything works as it should, I said, I message, I mentioned the visual voicemail, I can make phone calls and browse at the same time out.

Verizon doesn't do that, and they said it's because of a certain brand of the frequency that they use in, with their phones 18t does it so. I can confirm it works both on the prepaid service as well as the postpaid service you can get. We can make a phone call, go on your phone browse for like information, if you need to look up something while you're on the phone with someone, you can do that at the same time.

Overall everything works. I haven't at any strange behavior because I'm using prepaid service. What I recommend this for $60 a month, you get six gigs of data, high-speed data, after that they drop your speed tremendously down to like 128 kilobits a second.

Everything works well without strange behavior

That's probably fast enough to just check, just text email or just to send mail. You can still send a message, you can send pictures, it takes a bit longer when you get when they drop you down to 128 K, but your phone still has internet. It's just slow, for $60 a month six gigs of data, no contract.

Sometimes your tax is more taxes depending on where you live, if you decide to pay in advance where they bill you every month automatically then they take five dollars off your plan. I'm paying about fifty-seven dollars at the end of the month every month, six gigs of data, unlimited talk, and text.

Cricket is good giving you some great plans

It'll be the last feature I was going to mention before they are the main reason. I'm with AT&T because cricket is good, they give you some great plans starting at $30 a month for one gig, I believe 45 a month for 2.5 gigs, and in this piece go up from there.


They're there, their packages go up from there straight, it's pretty good 45 hours a month, you get straight talk gives you five gigs a month of high-speed data, and then it drops down to two G just like AT&T, and then you also have Boost Mobile which I'm not too sure about their call quality or their reliability in terms of signal.

AT&T has Wi-Fi or personal hotspot

But I've heard good things about them, I personally just haven't gone to Boost Mobile for whatever reason, but the main reason I'm with AT&T prepaid service because they have Wi-Fi or personal hotspot, where if I'm in, if I need to use my computer there's no internet a specific time, I need to use my computer to browse something to send a file to a client, I turn hotspot on, I connect to it through my computer.

I'm able to not use that bandwidth which is probably 30 megabits down and 10 megabits up to either send or receive something in a pinch. I can use two or three gigs as many gigs as I want to use out of my six gigs of course, but it's just something like that I have available for just no additional cost.

Use AT&T Go service primarily for the hotspot

I think that's great, that's one of the reasons I stick with 18 T prepaid service for the past 2 years. I recommend AT&T go phone on the iPhone 7 +, 7 + +, any other phone for that matter, whether it be the edge Samsung, the edge of Samsung Galaxy s7, whatever phone is, Nexus, any of the other phones, that's out that I can take the service.


I recommend using AT&T Go service primarily for the hotspot, for me the six gigs of data they give you and the fact that there is no difference for me, in terms of quality between the postpaid and the prepaid.

This is Carlin here from seawall classes where we're actually changing this not just from doing reviews, but I won't actually teach a bit of photography, a bit of video, and I want to teach technology, and how you can use technology to save money, and also to make a difference in the world that you live.

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