AT&T GoPhone Review

By Gavin | March 05, 2019

In this post I'm going over all the features of AT&T's GoPhone service and why it's a plan worth considering.

I signed up for AT&Ts $45 a month GoPhone plan with unlimited talking text and four gigs of LTE data, as you'd expect from a big carrier the experience was great, talk text and data worked beautifully with full support for visual voicemail group, and picture messaging, and the ability to share your mobile data with the personal hotspot feature.

You're also getting fast data speeds and excellent coverage at home, I ranged from five to 10 megabits per second down and one to two megabits per second up out and about, I peaked at 31 megabits per second down and 17 megabits per second up. The speeds were perfect in my area for music streaming web surfing and video watching, and the coverage remained strong where ever I wandered off to, even though there are no overage charges.

AT&T is kind enough to send you alerts, when you're running low on data you get an alert, when you have seven hundred fifty megabytes remaining 250 megabytes and when you've been switched to the 128 kilobits per second throttled speeds, the throttled speeds remain fine for a lot of text-based services, like email, Twitter Reddit, and some light web browsing, but things load noticeably slower, and occasionally my streamed music would cut out until the song had time to buffer.

AT&T GoPhone also includes a nice online experience, you log in with your phone number and a four-digit PIN. Once you log in, you can view your plan renewal date, your current balance, a toggle for auto pay which you should definitely take advantage of, and your current data usage. You'll notice rollover data is included with this plan. So any of your unused data will carry over to the next month of service.

Towards the bottom of the page, you can see some additional options, you've got a page to set up auto pay, you've got a page detailing some of the additional packages available for your plan. In this case, you can get one gig of data for $10, you can select from a variety of long-distance options, and you can turn the stream saver on or off. Stream saver helps you save data by streaming all video content at 480p quality, you've got a rate plans page detailing your plan and giving you the option to switch to another plan. In my opinion, the $45 plan is the best.

Lastly, you've got a page to start a multi-line discount, you can actually get more information on the multi-line discount available with GoPhone from the bottom of your account summary page. Basically the way it works is each person is required to pay the $ 45-month price without the auto-pay discount, then the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th lines get 5 10 15 and 20 dollars off respectively, and lastly, the account owner and only the account owner can get the $5 auto-pay discount.

This brings the total savings to $55 a month and the price per person is dropped down to $34 per month, you can also manage your account from your mobile device. AT&T actually has a mobile application where you can sign in to your account, and that's about it. The app links you to Safari where you can view your usage and manage your account info.

AT&T is a mobile website works well, and is essentially identical to their desktop site, except smaller AT&T's GoPhone plan remains very competitive on their network, as it fits snugly between crickets $35 a month plan and straight talks $45 a month plan. What sets AT&T's GoPhone plan apart is its own throttled LTE speeds and its inclusion of the hotspot feature, cricket caps their data speeds at 8 megabits per second down and charges $10 extra for the hotspot feature seeing is 18 keys.

GoPhone service includes a gig and a half more data, full LTE speeds in the hotspot feature for only five dollars more per month with Autopay. I think this plan is competitively priced and is absolutely worth considering. AT&T is one of the big carriers and as you'd expect everything worked well on their network, account management with seamless talk text and data worked flawlessly, and the inclusion of the hotspot feature was a huge bonus pricing, remains competitive with great group savings and auto pay discounts.

There were no overage charges to be concerned about and helpful alerts warned you when you were running low on data at the end of the day.

AT&T' s GoPhone service earns my wholehearted recommendation, coverage was strong, data speeds were great, and everything worked well.

Now you may be wondering how does this plan compare with cricket, well that post is for another day, but until then both plans have earned my recommendation and remain competitive in the cellphone industry.