By Gavin | July 26, 2018


AT&T go phone service provides unlimited text and talk, and web, at least 2 gigs of data, that's their starting plan for just $60 a month, which is a huge saving.

Today we're going to continue talking about AT&T go phone service, a couple videos ago I spoke about how AT&T allows you to use your iPhone, regular iPhone 5s, 5c iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and you can use actually any phone for that matter, you can get prepaid service with unlimited text and web, not with unlimited text and talk, and web, at least 2 gigs of data, that's their starting plan for just $60 a month, which is a huge saving.

One of the reasons I did the video was to show anyone who has a small business a quick way to save on their cell phone plan, since we need to keep in touch with our clients, we need to keep in touch with emails or whatever else we need to do, while we're on the today's an update, since I've had the phone to service, since December of giving you guys an update of what my experiences and also some new features that AT&T has released, so since December of moves from New York down to Georgia, and I must say that the LTE service has been no problems with that downloaded song, my tunes I've played videos from YouTube, and the buffering doesn't don't give me a hard time, and I've been browsing the web consistently with no problems.

Now currently where I am now there's no LTE service, so I just get 4G service and right now I'm on Wi-Fi, but I give just 4G service which is fine for me, as I'm not pushing a lot of data at the same time, and recently I got a text message from AT&T, because they text you different deals and offers that they have, they text me and they said now we're offering free hotspot, a free hotspot feature for the phone, so I saw it, I said wait a minute, are they trying to get me to upgrade my plan, so I can pay little extra for this hotspot? Because usually hotspot is usually about $20 a month additionally to whatever you're paying for your cell phone service, but they're saying this was totally free, and basically what a hotspot is that, by now our world is pretty much wireless wired into type of setup basically, what means that you can connect your computer, your phone to a Wi-Fi hotspot or Wi-Fi connection, so usually it's a router or usually something provided by the ISP, so what some phones are allowing you to do is use your internet data and turn your cell phone now into a modem or like a router.

Basically you could connect to your phone from your computer, once you get into the hotspot feature on the phone, it's fine, it's right in your settings you can actually create your own password for the hotspot, and then you just plug it into your computer, once you have it, you're pretty much ready to go now, she tells you that your iPhone on the top of it, and she's going to your wireless settings, and in about two seconds, you're connected. You see what kind of speeds we get here today, at four gig, there's not LTS 4G again, about 33.45 megabits a second,  2.5 megabits I would say that's download, upload is about one point, one point one two megabits a second, so it's 4G speed, you're not going to get lightning speed here, but it's better.

It's a very straightforward process, you go into settings, turn the hotspot feature on, tap your password, you get to go what AT&T's done with this, go service is now given this feature for free without having to pay extra, and they've also increased very small amount, they've increased my internet package from 2 gigs a month to 2.5 gigs a month for the same price. Now the one thing I would say is that since I've been paying the bill, I'm now paying not just sixty a month,  paying 65 because of taxes and everything like that, but for $65 a month I'm getting unlimited talk text, and I'm getting 2.5 gigs of data, and I can use my phone as a hotspot, so I just want you to know about that today.

I think it's really important, because sometimes you want to show clients something and you don't have a tablet, you don't have your phone with you, but you have your phone with you but you don't want to show them on your phone, because it's so small, you can just turn your phone onto a hot spot, use your computer, so I think it's a really good feature and I think it's a good way to save money for people who are in business, and I hope you enjoyed the video, hope I give you some useful information.